jygfhgesg (0xlove_you) wrote in express_this,

this is one of my older pieces. but i wanted to share. hmm...

They stood together on a cliff

With the horizon and thunderous ocean behind them like an oil painting

He leaned over and gave her a kiss

Then slightly turned towards the perfect sun and whispered goodbye

He turned around and jumped

Plunged into the roaring ocean

Clutching his heart as he slowly fell

The faint words of I love you echoed

From up top the cliff a splash was heard

Covering the sounds of the horrid cries

His widowed lover slowly fell

Covering her face with hands, water pouring from her eyes

Two months later, the day it happened

The widow slowly went walking to the edge

Peering out into the endless ocean

She let out her final cry

She continued to walk the path her lover went

Angry and hut inside

She took off his ring and clutched it in her fist

As the morning sun slowly rose

She took one more look then suddenly jumped

Closing her eyes as her motionless body sunk

Water filled her lungs and her grip slightly loosened, letting the ring flow to the ground

Broken hearted blood strewn all around


comment if you wish.

ta ta.

<3 - lisa
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