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these words at best are worse than teenage poetry

yea so...i was looking for a place to post what i write, and the fact the title of this community was what i had on my icon until 2 days ago made me pick it. tbs is awesome. anyways. yea.

these spaces are slitting my wrist
i didnt mean to let them happen
and so my blood leaks from my arms
collecting in the puddle that casts your shadow on my walls
it's these connections in my brain
that make my bridges fall

i hate watching them repaint their pictures
is there anything real in this place?
how could any of this be real?
lacking anything and everything genuine at all
their tear-drops fall from dry eyes
as they cry over their own defeat
this is the part where i leave

i'll never be a part of this.

spin your bottle
you're winning your game
of losing in fairy tales
where your prince is the king
let your falsified lies
that showed everyone who you are
paint them a picture
of your tortured stars
tearing us down
you'll beg for salvation
because in the end its everything
you wish you believed in
and you'll try so hard
to be the one they remember
you'll try so hard to be what
they forgot their dreams for

i still haven't started packing
in hopes that this will keep going
if i keep all my clothes strewn across the floor
tonight will keep going and reality will end
tomorrow wont be my goodbye
i wont have to leave to return to some foreign state of mind
and you gave up your life
i'll give up mine
if these hours will stop drifting by

why was i afraid to let this show
when i already knew everything i've learned?
this is the way we will always be
living together, dreaming these dreams
your blood has always been what runs thru my heart
nothing could tear this down

i keep hearing the phone ring
our hearts have been so drenched in fear
afraid of what we need so badly
i shake when i say these words to you
with my broken breathing ripping thru me
in the end...it's only what comes so naturally to us
this is where i'm living
this is where i'm living
this is where i'm living
and i'm singing,
i'm singing this out to you
screaming this out to you so loud

those late night conversations suddenly remembered their meaning
more than anything i ever thought you had believed
those dreams i had never could have come true
till you said i miss you
and now i'm stuck between what could be and what was always meant to be
how do i fight the wind?
i can't push through these hurricanes like i did for so long
and when you finally understand what i meant all along
i fall to my knees

"the present's just a breath until the future"

thru our sideways steps we jump to the left
and we reach so far that our arms dissolve
and become part of the sky
that fills the hunger in our stomaches
as we pain for something that this world can not forgive
because the world can't find it
and they drift on these dreams
hoping to run into cloud nine
while we chase the reality we live to change
so we fight so hard thru the stars they hang
trying to outshine their brightest and best
their future
our future
we'll make it our own
and cut thru the fabric
they've sewn to patch the holes in their jeans
and we'll rip apart their blazers, coats and ties,
their band shirts, died hair, black nails and lies.
cause we're exactly what they want us to be
and nothing more than what we need
falling short of our own expectations
we transcend their ideals
and we built this city just so they could tear it down
and years from now we'll steal their crown
and we'll rebuild from the ruins what we dreamed could be
so we can burn it down again
to the foundations of what we are sure to forget
but we'll always remember how we built that city
alive inside

chaos has a subtle way of settling in.

these are the moments when life seems to float
and time is suspended just for you and i
and as we pass
i feel like everything else is gone
when your eyes meet mine
i feel the world being reborn
i can't explain this feeling of existence
when questions leave me here
and all i see is you
when we are only just a glance
but what a glance can be

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