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Let me know what you guys think...

I've been looking for the past like hour for a community that I liked that I would feel comfortable posting in. This is one of the few I liked. If any of you know any others that you like let me know. I would like to post on a few to see what people think. I love writing! I have been writing for years. I don't think I would have gotten through highschool with out writing my heart out. I get really picky about my writing... I plan to post a decent amount but i get nervous... I'm sure you all can relate.

Here's my first story I'm gonna post. It's not my best, but for some reson i like it. It's something that actually happened to me. I havn't shown the other person involved in the story yet. Let me know what you guys think about it and if I should show it to him! Thanks! Also the title needs to be changed I think... if you have any ideas on that let me know! :)


Staring at the fire. Hypnotized by the flames. Not lost in thought. Not really thinking at all. Just enjoying the beautiful night. My friends were talking. The words filled my head but not my mind. Just noise. They were all sitting in lawn chairs set up in a non-perfect semi-circle on one side of the bonfire. I could feel him wanting my attention. I slightly moved my head and looked at him. The flames lit up one side of his face. Our eyes connected. “Wanna go for a walk?” he mouthed. I smiled and nodded. He stood up and walked away from the fire. I followed, not sure of what the other were thinking, or if they even noticed at all.
We walked down the thin path through a few rows of trees, which lead us through the field. The heat from the fire had left me and the cool night air took me over. I crossed my arms to keep them warm as I stumbled along behind him, trying not to fall along the bumpy trail as we talked quietly. The trail led us to the edge of the woods. The tall trees blocked the light from the large full moon that lit up the sky. “I can’t see at all in the dark” I announced, nervous that I would walk into a tree. “That must be horrible!” he teased. “I can see perfectly,” he added as he reached his hand behind him and grabbed mine. His hands were bigger than mine, but yet his fingers slipped perfectly in between mine. The touch of his warm hand against my cool hand warmed up my whole body within seconds. There was something about his hand fitting perfectly with mine that made me smile.
He led me along the dark path. I had only been to our destination twice and I didn’t remember it taking this long to get there. Although it was daylight last time. It seemed like we were walking forever. “Almost there,” he said as he turned off the trail into the woods. The trees were closer and now blocked all the light from the mom. Now I really couldn’t see. He must have known because he took my other hand in his and I walked right behind him. I felt like his shadow. There were only inches between our bodies. I mocked his moments perfectly so we wouldn’t step on each other. I trusted him to lead me safely. I knew he would. He warned me to duck down a few times for low branches. Slowly we walked together towards a square frame shadow, a wooden loveseat swing, over looking the little creak. The swing creaked as we sat down. I was glad that we weren’t wondering the woods any longer. “Listen” he whispered. I stopped and listened for something. Then I realized he was talking about the creak. Although I couldn’t see it right away, I could hear the water slowly flowing over the rocks. I looked around. I had never seen the ‘glen’ as we called it, so beautiful. The sea of treetops and branches blocked the full moon. Beams of moonlight came through the small spaces the branches did not cover. It almost looked like large movie lights were placed all over the forest. In fact it looked like something out of the movies.
We talked for a little bit. I don’t remember what we talked about. Nothing too important I guess. I’m sure I giggled a lot, like I always do when I’m not sure what to say. We both knew what was going to happen. But I guess making small talk was an icebreaker. Although we really didn’t need one but I guess neither of us knew how to make the first move. We both were wondering what the other was thinking. Or at least I was wondering what he was thinking.
He must have been cold. He was only in a tee shirt. I was wearing a sweatshirt and was slightly cold. He moved his body closer as he leaned his head in. I leaned in slightly hoping we would find each other. Our lips met. I remembered why I wanted to kiss him so badly. His lips are a perfect match for mine. There was no awkwardness after this moment. We had done this once before. So now we knew how the other worked. And we did work perfect together. We moved almost completely in sync. He placed his hand on the side of my face. His touch made my skin tingle. Every move he made was prefect, exactly what I loved. It was almost like he knew what I was thinking.
After a while we began talking again. He was rambling like he was nervous. I admit I was a bit nervous. I’ve never felt nervous but at the same time so comfortable with anyone before. “Just shut me up.” By the time he finished the last word my lips were on his. Being the goofball that he is, he tried to continue to talk. I giggled as I tried to shut him up even more. Eventually he gave in. I loved how we could laugh and have fun about it. 
I had forgotten about the cold air and the dozen of people that we had left by the fire for a while. Nothing else was going through my mind but him and me. We had been gone for what I would guess was about half hour. We knew it wouldn’t be long until our friends started their search party in attempt to catch us doing exactly what we were doing. Of course we would never admit to it. We began to walk back. How I dreaded that. Not only did it mean that he had to take his arms from around me, but I was sure this time I would run into something.The swing slowly swung in the dark as we jumped off and began walking towards the trail. He told me to jump on his back so he could carry me over a muddy part of the trail, since I was wearing flip-flops. “I’m gonna hurt you!” I said protesting. He rolled his eyes and bent down. I knew I shouldn’t argue so I jumped on and he carried me a little ways. Even though I protested, I thought it was a very sweet gesture. When the trail was clear I slid down his back and walked besides him.  This time we took a different path. It went through the field so I could actually see a little.
I’m not sure if it was what just happened or the full moon light, but he looked different to me. The moonlight lit up his face. His blue eyes stood out in the background of blacks and grays. It made me want to kiss him again, but I contained myself.
We heard voices on the other trail, the trail we took to get to the swing. It was the others going to spy on us. We quietly continued down the path. But we weren’t alone. A small white kitty jumped out of the tall grass at us. It startled me and I jumped slightly. He smiled and laughed slightly. I rolled my eyes at him and we continued to quietly walk down the path. The kitty bounced down the trail in front of us.
The fire was practically dead when we reached it. The coals still glowed red. I laid on the hammock as I watched him built up the fire once again. Then he laid next to me and put his arm around me. I leaned into him a little. I could feel him looking at me. I looked up at him and our eyes met for a moment and then he kissed me softly one more time before the others came back from their walk. It was one of those great, romantic, slow motion kisses. “Just because.” He smiled. I couldn’t help but smile back at him as he looked into my eyes.
The stars were bright; the few times I could see them through the break in the thick clouds. I was comfortable and warm lying next to him, talking. I could have stayed there all night if I could.
Our friends were getting close, we could hear their voices. We both knew they would ask questions. And we couldn’t tell them the truth. Best friends aren’t supposed to sneak away and steal kisses. “I’ll make up a good story.” With the moonlight, I could see his goofy grin perfectly. I giggled at how cute he was. He jumped up and played with the fire as our friends found their places in their chairs around the fire. He came up with stories of aliens and other crazy things we did. Of course no one believed him. They all laughed. I don’t think they knew. Or maybe they did. I’m not exactly sure. The subject was quickly dropped and a new one was picked up.
I watched him as he poked around in the fire. I could see him glancing at me out of the corner of his eye and smile playfully. I could tell by his eyes the night wasn’t over…

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