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Umm, well...I need a title and its ex-posted in a feel other communities as well as my writing journal (tragic_words)....Enjoy and maybe title ideas?

I remember that night
The night i met you
I was nervous, you seemed so calm
We walked into your room
You found out I was ticklish
It all started from there
On night, it was fun
My shirt slide off to the floor
As you hands touched my shoulders
We sat there
I laughed nervously
You reassured me
That everything would be fine
That night
Laying in your bed
Feeling secure
Look at you
FOr a moment I felt complete
The touch of you hand
Upon my body
I don't think
I will completely undrestand
What came over me
That night
You lips press onto mine
A moment of peace
I was still self-concious
Of what youw old think of me
Maybe I still am
But all I know
Is that night was fun
We layed there
Only for a moment
Then you got up
You dressed quickly
I closed my eyes
for a moment
Maybe just to replay in my head
What just had happened
I sighed
It was a fun night though
Something I'll frow from
That one night with you...
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