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I write shitty poems

I'm bored so like yeah I randomly picked this place to pust my poems. They're all sadlike and yeah heres a few.

Gave you my love
gave you my heart.
But I left out,
one little part
Your love wasnt there,
I thought you would care.
Never caught your stare
never noticed it wasnt there
never notice you liked him more.
All those days I held your hand
now unsure if it was a good plan.
Now I stand away with just this thought in my head:
Your a fucking whore
and you cant prove me wrong.

Your touch meant so much
holding you was so right
I thought I loved you
thought it was so right
It may never work
you tried so hard
just to impress me
now I know the truth
now I know the lies
know not to trust you
and to look into your eyes
look for the love
and who its realy for
look for who cares
about you anymore
I know this is wrong
I know your still mine
but I think your a whore
with just one thing in mind
the man to my left
not the man by your side
the man you cant have
the one who will never care.

I'm standing here in the ashes
of what I thought it once was
where the flame had burned freely
where I thought I knew love
you were all that I had wanted
and all that I got
but in the end
you loved me not
in the end it did burn
I stood there without concern
knowing you wouldnt care
knowing you wouldnt dare
save me from myself
youd rather watch me burn
this is the end
of another happy day
of another happy week
of another fucking month
with another bloody blade
that carves your name
that shows I cared
that shows I died.
This is the end
the march of the flame
the ashes are left
your love is long dead.
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