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part I

You Can't Blame a Girl for Falling

It was a cold Valentine's Night. With no worries but her own. A knock on the door her prince charming in disguise. You could blame the girl for falling. It wasn't her fault, it was more along the lines of a technacality. Her story unique to her but the same to the others that have felll. Here's her story of a first love gone completely wrong.

As it was stated it was Valentine's Day, well night matter of a fact. Lex, an anxious teen, beautiful, smart, sweet, an ordianry girl. Lex, beautiful with her icy blue eyes, milky white complexion, and rich chocolate brown hair. Sweet with a touch of sass but never to be undetermind with goals and thoughts much like any other girl but, there was still something about her...her innocence set her apart from those around her.

She walks from her bathroom to her bedroom wrapped in a robe just to listen to the silence of loneliness. She views the clothes hanging neatly in her closet full of choice but nothing to do. Yet, she still waits to hear the phone ring.It's a Friday night she isn't suppose to be home its almost like the planets have collided and her world flipped around. Finally, she decides on an outfit, a mood.

Walking out, feeling brand new, Lex walks to her car. Jest because its Valentine's Night doesn't mean she has to be home while her friends are out with their significate others. She starts her car with her music blasting.

"Breathe in for luck
Breathe in so deep
This air is blessed
You share with me..."

Getting ready to shift to reverse she notices lights flash into her drive way. She sits in her car as two cars pull in to the circle drive. The first car is the one she knew. It was Eric, a good friend, and Greg, he's Lex's couisn and him and Eric are always together. But, in the second car she had no idea who it could be. This someone turned out to be someone that would affect her life from that night on.
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